Yang Hu

Department of Sociology

Lancaster University

Lancaster LA1 4YN, UK

yang.hu [at] lancaster.ac.uk




Yang Hu (胡扬) is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) and Director of Global Development at the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.

Yang’s research focuses on changing work-family and gender relations, as well as their intersection with population mobility, in a global context. His research contributes to advancing work-family, gender and social equalities and understandings of how macro socio-economic, political and institutional developments and cultural changes (re)configure everyday family and intimate lives.

At Lancaster, he is also affiliated with:

Yang also (co-)convenes the Lancaster Asia Asia Research Group (LAARG). Yang serves as an editorial board member of Sociology (2020–), Journal of Marriage and Family (2020–), and Sociology Compass (2020–).

Yang was an early career fellow at the Work and Family Researchers Network, USA (2018–2019). He obtained his MPhil and PhD in Sociology as a Gates Scholar from the University of Cambridge (Queens’ College, October 2015), and his B.A. from Zhejiang University, China (2010).